Choose the correct answer. 1. Hi Jane. Could you ____ my cat for a few days while I am away on vacation. a) look for b) look after c) look up 2. His opinion had no _____ on my decision. a) effect b) affect 3. Do you think I could ____ $35 from you until next weekend? a) borrow b) lend 4. This programme about the dinosaurs is very ____. a) interesting b) interested 5. You will just have to _____ his decision. a) except b) accept 6. If we don't run now, we will certainly ____ the last train. a) lose b) miss 7. I'm sorry Kathy! Can you repeat that? I didn't ____ what you said. a) listen b) hear c) feel 8. Because of the scandal, the politician was forced to ____. a) resign b) retire 9. I had an all-expenses-paid business ____ to Hong Kong last May. It was wonderful! a) holiday b) trip c) travel d) vacation 10. This spring, we are going to ____ a house near the lake. Do you want to join us? a) hire b) rent 11. Success requires a lot of ______. a) patience b) patients 12. She read the story _____. a) allowed b) aloud


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