Работа в парах. Один из Вас из Москвы, другой из Лондона. Разговор о зиме в этих местах. (Диалог)


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-Hello, do you like weather in your country? ( из Москвы)

-Hi! No, I don't like. You know the weather in my country is too foggy and rainy. I want more sunny weather! ( из Лондона) What about you? Do you like weather in your country?

- Yes, I do. I love winter, because I can play in snow games with my friends. Also I love Happy New Year! It's my favourite holiday! Do you like winter in your country?

-Yes, I do too. Sometimes snow appears in my area, it's amazing! I like Christmas! I like finding presents under the tree or near a fireplace. It's so intersting!