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Imagine that you could only use ONE of the following: a computer,a mobil phone or a fridge. Which one would you use and why?
Предположите, что Вы могли только использовать ОДНО из следующего: компьютер, мобильный телефон или холодильник. Какой Вы использовали бы и почему?
P.S. использовал онлайн переводчик


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Mobile phone is a very useful device. Nowadays some people can hardly imagine themselves without mobile  phones. If  they leave it at home they feel quite helpless.

The main advantage of a phone is that you can  keep in touch with people in any place and in any time.  It is very useful if you need help. Modern mobile phones are multi-function. You can play games, listen to music, find information in the Internet, take photos and so on. We take it use it everywhere.  It helps you not to be bored. Now all adults and all children have a mobile.   

But there are some disadvantages. People see each other less frequently. If parents give a mobile to their children he or she uses it at the lessons. It is not very good. The next disadvantage of mobile phones is their harmful influence on people’s health.

I think that nowadays mobile phones are an integral part of life of any person. We can do nothing with it. We can’t stop it. I personally need it every day. I need to call my parents or my friends. It helps me to keep in touch with my friends and relatives in any time. I also listen to music and find the information I need in it.