Сочинение на англ. языке: некоторые люди считают, что хорошее образование можно получить только за границей. Как считаешь ты?


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Abroad, you can get a higher or secondary education, improve their professional skills in a particular occupation or learn a foreign language.

Prices for training is not much higher than in the prestigious educational institutions of Russia, as different options are possible to obtain complete or partial subsidies and education grants from foundations.

Traditionally, study abroad is more quality, because developed countries are investing heavily in education and science. Diplomas of foreign private schools and universities are valued by employers, and language skills, and experience of international communication, received by students in the learning process, will be useful both for business and for life in the modern world.

Choice of place of study - one of the biggest steps in life that affects its future course. It is, say what you like, the choice of a future profession, which determines a lot: occupation, income, mental workload, and more. Specialty can be obtained for a person yoke for life, and can make him happy by giving a huge opportunity to push the boundaries allowing outlook and business communication. It's no secret that often yesterday's schoolchildren are not clear about the profession, which would dedicate his life. These young men and women come to where they advise parents (and more often, to have the financial means to do). Indeed, it is hard to decide in 16-18 years! And then, after finishing school, they are nostalgic for the chosen specialty and the missed time spent on the acquisition of unnecessary knowledge.

It is unlikely that some 10-15 years ago it was possible to imagine that higher education abroad will be so affordable. If desired, and certain financial opportunities anyone can be trained abroad. Quality education in a prestigious university - the key to success, as the happy owners of Diplomas are far more competitive than graduates from local universities. Now we can say the following benefits of higher education abroad. So. What is higher education abroad

diploma, which will be recognized in any country of the world,

hence, it is possible to find a job where you please;

foreign universities have much more experience on the study of the market economy, therefore, you can get valuable knowledge on the discovery and development of their own business;

experience of intercultural communication.

However, before requesting such a service, it is better to have some idea about studying abroad.

So, where is best to get a second degree abroad? This, of course, depends on

as a foreign language to you the easiest way to learn;

what is your knowledge of the world (the traditions, mentality, etc.);

What do you expect from the state, which are going to choose to study, and what you want to study;

and finally, last but not least, the question is: how much you are willing to spend on training.

We begin with the knowledge of a foreign language - is one of the conditions for admission and successful learning. The only European country that allows the student to the language after admission, while studying - Austria. By the way, you can get a higher education, or in German or English - depending on how you prefer.

As you can see, knowing the language - an important factor. Hardly anyone would argue that Japan or China will be much more difficult to learn than, say, in Poland, where the language, whatever you say, is a Slavic language group. English, French or German are much closer to us than the complex Finnish, since the first three at the very least taught in schools. And take courses previously or during the study - it's up to you.

As for the prestige of a degree of ion, then, perhaps, this look at first. Almost every foreign country is proud of its educational institutions. One of the highest, if not the most important thing in this matter is America. Yale, the University of Massachusetts, Princeton, Harvard and other universities offer a really good education. You can receive invaluable information on running your own business, as business and finance - skate U.S., the world's economic leader.

However, in the United States is difficult to learn: the selection rules are strict enough, the cost of training is high. There are often difficulties in obtaining visas. Costly and a long flight over the ocean, which will not allow extra time to see his family.