СРОЧНО!!! НАПИШИТЕ,ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, СОЧИНЕНИЕ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ НА ТЕМУ "a journey", с данными словами: to travel by car; to the North;not to know the way;for the first time;to find out;I wonder if you could;to have to stop for the night;in the woods;to be cross (with);no food to eat;to be hungry;not to be able to go to sleep;to reach;to go on with the journey.


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I would like to say a few words about my last journey.
Before I start speaking about it, you should know that I'm very interested in history and all things connected with it.
So, I decided to travel by car for the first time in my life. I made up my mind to go to the North from the place where I lived. My destination was a far village that was known to have once been the place where a goldmine had been found. And I was eager to find any traces of the mine. People didn't live there, it was abandoned forty or fifty years ago.
    I did not know the way, just what i found out in the old writings in the book I had.  I was a long way, it least a two-day journey and I had to spend a night somewhere in the midway. It turned out, that night came while I was crossing the woods, so I had to stop for the(я бы написал for а night-но раз так было дано-оставим как было) night there. I didn't take any food with me as I was sure to spend a night in a hotel. So I was hungry, because I had no food to eat and was not able to go to sleep at once. Moreover, wild animals and burds were constantly howling all aroung me and even in my car I couldn't feel safe.
    In the morning I was as hungry as a wolf and as soon as I reached the nearest cafe I spent a long hour eating. After my morning meal I went on with my journey and I was in the village by the dawn.
    In conclusion, I'd like to say that the rest of the journey went well and I was at home two days later.

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