Read the letter and underline 6 words with spelling mistakes.

Dear Victoria,

Hello from England! You wanted to know about my school.

Well, I go to primary school. I like going to school. School us fun and all my class mates are very nice. My school is not very big but my class room is very big. There is a class zoo in there!

We've got a lot of subjects at school. I find school work easy. My favourite subjects are Art, Englisg,Maths and Music. I'm good at reading but I am not good at spelling. I hate spelling tests. And I don't like doing my home work. Best of all I like breaktime.

Do you like going to school?

Is your school big?

What are your favourite subjects?

Is there a computerclass in your school?

Write soon,



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1 School us fun  -  school IS fun
2 Class mates  -  classmates
3 Class room  -  classroom
4 Englisg   -   English
5 Breaktime  -  break time 
6 Computerclass - computer class