complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. use the present simple for fixed arrangements and timetable or present continuous for personal arrangements.

Joe: So? tell me about the tour you(1) ______________(go) on next week.

Mike:On the first day of the tour we(2) _____ ( stay) in Nairobi and we(3) _ ( have) breakfast in the hotel. The next day we(4) _____ ( go) to a safari park by coach.

Joe: What time(5)___ ( the coach/leave)?

Mike: Early in the morning.But we are going to have a busy in Nairobi before that.

Joe: Oh? what(6)____ ( you/do) there?

Mike: Sarah and I(7)____________ (plan) to go shopping in the morning. In the afternoon we(8)_______ (visit) a museum and we(9)_____ (meet) some friends for dinner.

Joe: And when(10)_____ ( you/flu) back to Britain?

Mike: On the 24 June.

Joe: Well, have a good time!


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1 are going

2 are staying

3  are havihg

4 are going

5 the coach leave

6 are you doing

7 plan

8 are visiting

9 are metting

10 do you flu