напишите письмо другу на любую тему пожалуста на английском языке


Ответы и объяснения


Dear Jane,

My brother and I spent two months in the country.The weather was always fine,and we liked to be outdoors.We enjoyed our games.The boys played football.My friends and I liked to play volley-ball and badminton.

Every day there was something that was fun to do.We went for long walks in the woods,picked flowers and gathered berries and mushrooms.We often saw squirrels in the trees.

Once I put some nuts and sweets on the grass under the tree.Then we stood and watched.To our surprise the squirrels did not take the sweets.They only took the nuts.

We had a wonderful time in the country!

                                                                                                     Best wishes,  



Dear Jim (friend),

Thank you for your letter. I got it yeterday. I am sorry I haven`t written for so long. I was really busy with my exams.

How are things?

I heard you got a new job? It is  a great piece of luck! How are your parents?I hope that they are healthy.I very miss for you! Will you come in your holliday to me? I will be waiting......

I went to Big Theatre a week ago.That`s exactly what I wanted a long time! It is a big, beautiful building.Where did you go to excursion last week?How much cost a ticket in any theatre,gallery?

I am sorry I have to stop now.

Best wishes,