помогите пожааалуйста)) (0) communication skills. You should be able to use your speaking and reading skills (1)____ for different takes, for example, to take part in a (2)____, to write documents or to give a short talk. Skills in problem(3)____. Using your initiative you should understand problems and finds the answer. Team working skills. Belonging to a group is necessary for (4)____ success. This skills is (5)___not only work, but in school and at home tool (6)___ to learn. We live in a world where newer ways of doing things appear all time. (7)___ doesn't end when you leave school. People who can learn new skills and get new (8)___are valued. IT skills. Computers are used almost every-where. You should be able to write a letter, report or presentation, use the Internet to find (9)___. Time (10) skills. It means scheduling (11)___ from the most to least important. If you learn to do it (12)___,you will be able to do more things that that you want to do. 0-communicate 1-effective 2-discuss 3-solve 4-busy 5-use 6-able 7-educate 8-know 9-inform 10-manage 11-active 12-wise


Ответы и объяснения


1 effectively

2 discussion

3 solving

4 business

5 usable

6 able

7 education

8 knowlage

9 information

10 management

11 activity

12 wisely

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