Write about a club at your school or in your town/village.
1)Whats the name of the club?
2)Who is it for?
3)When is it?
4)How much does it cost?
5)Do you need special clothes and shoes?


Ответы и объяснения


There is a wide variety of different clubs in my town, but most of all i prefer an English Speakers club.  One of the advantages of this club - there is no age limit. Everybody is free to visit it. You can meet both teenagers and adults there and it makes the process of learning more interesting. What i like about this club is its schedule. It's suitable for me because i can attend courses when i have free time and it doesn't affect my school studies. You can even go there at the weekend, like i do. The price isn't very high, about 40 dollars per month, moreover the cost of textbooks are included. You don't need anything except good mood at the lessons, although we make some performances sometimes and your clothes can be very useful.