составить правильниые вопросы: 1. me,you,starts,can,tell,job,when,the. 2.if,i,need,could,you,any,ask,experience. 3.you,tell,me,apply,how,could,i,can. 4.we,you,do,me,tell,to,what,have,can. 5.could,the,wages,i,ask,what,are,basic. 6.you,me,tell,can,address,your,what,is.


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1. can you tell me when the job starts? 2. could you ask if i need any experience? 3. could you tell me how i can reply? 4. can you tell me what we have to do? 5. could i ask what the basic wages are? 6. can you tell me what your address is?