Сочинение на тему " Добро пожаловать в Россию" Не меньше 15 предложений)


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Welcome to Russia. Here you can see a lot of forests and hieghst houses too. Here you can eat a lot of food. And you can go for shopping. You must visit the beautiful places of  this country. Here live about 141 930 000 (2011 y.). Russia - a country in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The presedent of Russia is Vladimir Putin. The cpital city is Moscow. There live about 11 503 501 (2010 y.).  The weather in Russia is ok. At the summer it is about 30-40 C. The sun shines very hot as a weather. And in the winter the weather is cold. Goes snow. The temprechure is about 15-20 C. I raly like Russia very much and I want to visit it.