Make questions for Misha's answers.

1_____? - It's famous for the first nuclear power station in the world.

2______? - It's a young town.

3____? - No, it isn't. It's a small rown.

4____? - Yes, there is. It's name is the Protva.

5___? - It's in a forest.

6_____? - They like to go for long walks in the forests and parks.

7____? - It's home to twelve research institutes.

8_____? - Yes, they do. They organize song festivals and sporting events.

9____? - They people of Obninsk are very proud of their town.



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1.what Obninsk is famous for?

2. is it a young or an old town?

3. is it a big town?

4. is there any river in Obninsk?

5. where is Obninsk?

6. what do the people like to do in their free time? ( where do the people like to walk?)

7. are there any research institutes in Obninsk?

8. do the people in Obninsk organize any festivals and events?

9. are the people in Obninsk proud or not proud of their town?