Who is working in the study?-……..
a) I have. b) I do. c) She has. D) I am. e) I is.

Summer …………….spring.
a) follows b) follow c) is following d) are following e) am following

Pete……..a magazine now.
a) read b) reads c) reading d) is reading e) are reading

Sometimes she……new books in this shop.
a) buys b) buy c)is buying d) are buying e) buying

a) am not understanding b) don’t understand c) doesn’t understand
d) am not understand e) don’t understanding

They…tennis at the moment.
a) play b) are playing c) plays d) is playing e) am playing

He…to speak to you now.
a) is wanting b) want c) wants d) is want e) are wanting

What goes round the Earth? – The Moon… .
a) is b) has c) are d) do e) does

Who is working in the garden?- We… .
a) are b) do c) is d) have e) does

Where….my sisters travelling now?
a) have b) do c) are d) is e) has

The antonym for the verb “to turn on” is….
a) turn at b) turn in c) turn of d) turn off e) turn into

When it is cold in the room, my father turns on….. .
a) gas b) hot water c) washing machine d) central heating e) vacuum cleaner

When it is dark outside we turn on……. .
a) electricity b) gas c) cold water d) vacuum cleaner e) washing machine

A piece of furniture to sit at and work is a….
a) sink b) table c) chair d) sofa e) cupboard

A piece of furniture to wash up in is a…. .
a) sink b) table c) chair d) sofa e) cupboard

Things you may hang on the window are… .
a) lamps b) fires c) pictures d) curtains e) carpets

Choose the correct question to the underlined word. (Выберите правильный вопрос к подчеркнутому слову.) They seldom write letters to their friends.
a) What do they write? B) Who writes letters?
c) How often do they write letters to their friends?
d) What do they do? e) When do they write letters to their friends?

She is singing my favourite song.
a) What is she doing? B) Who is singing? c) What is she singing?
d) Where is she singing? e) Is she singing my favourite song?

She usually comes home late.
a) Who comes home late? b) What does she usually do?
c) When does she usually come home? d) Does she usually come home late?
e) Where does she usually come?

Tom and Jane…….to spend this summer in the country.
a) wants b) are wanting c) wanting d) is wanting e) want


Ответы и объяснения


1. d

2. a

3. d


 5. b

6. b

7. c

8. e

9. a

10. c

11. d

12. d

13. a