Помогите, вот дан список слов :like, love, manage, mind, write, threaten, hope, must, start,finish, hate, regret, avoid, arrange, afford, look forward to, want, can not stand, decide. С этими словами нужно составить текст, вот его начало John likes travelling abroad. One day...


Ответы и объяснения


John likes travelling abroad. One day he managed to write a letter to his friend in Russia, so that his friend could arrange accommodations for him while he is visiting Moscow. John is a very rich man, so he can afford trips overseas. It's just he can not stand arranging trips by himself for some reason - he just hates doing that! His friend, on the other hand looked forward to John's visit. He did not mind to help out. So, he started looking for luxury accommodations, because he wanted to impress John. John loved Russia! All points of interests that John hoped to visit, he visited! Even though his life was threatened at some point during the situation at some bar in the middle of the city, he managed to avoid the escalation of the situation and got to the hotel safely. John's trip finished successfully and there were no regrets.