Срочно Помогите пожалуйста по английскому
Нужно решить 235 и 236 номера


Ответы и объяснения



1) What is the book about?

2)When are they going to come?

3)How old is he?

4)How many book does he have?

5)How many pupils did the teacher have?

6)How many pupils were in the class?

7)How many countries has he visited?

8)Which language are the boys going to study?

9)Who is going to study Italian?

10)When did he speak with the manager?



1)is there?

2)isn't there?

3)isn't it?

4)are they?

5)was there?

6)don't you?

7)did you?

8)aren't there?

9)isn't that?

10)are there?