1. do you always make your homework ? 2 . Which subject do you make well in school ? 3. how do you feel when you make a mistake in your English ? 4. what would you do if you make badly in an exam ? 5. what kind of exercises do you like make in class ? 6. Do you do notes while you're listening to the text in English ? 7. what would you like to make for a living ? 8. Is make a lot of money important to you ? 9. would you accept a well-paid job if it do harm to your health ? 10. Would you do a job which involved responsibility for people's lives ?помогите дать ответи !!пліс !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1.yes,i always make my homework

2.I do all subjects well in school

3.When i make a mistake in English i feel not so good

4.I'll try to pass my exam well at the next time

5.I like to do logical exercises at school 

6.Yes,i do

7.I'd like to choose a good profession

8.Yes,it it

9.No,i wouldn't



I always do your homework . my favorite subject is English.I was very upset.try to retake the exam.Тranslate text.YES I DO NOTES.I wanted to be a doctor.Оf course this is Important. .No,health is more important. The doctor is the most important and necessary profession