(Вставьте слова)

In 1985 1....... more trees in this town.

2....... here then?

No but i 3....... my cousins. They lived in a house 4........ a big park.

Is the park there now?

Yes but now it is 5.......

1 A There were B They were C Were there D Were they

2 A Was you living B Have you lived C Did you live D Were you live

3 A Orten visited to B Visited ofren to C Often visited D Visited often

4 A at B besides C near D on

5 A more smaller B much more small C much smaller D more smaller


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1. А-There were 2. B-Have you lived( я не уверена) 3.C-often visited 4.C-near 5.C-much smaller Заранее извините, может быть не правильно..:) Удачи)

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