I'm so impressed! Last weekend our class visited the Museum of the Moving Image. We could even try to draw our own cartoon film! I enjoyed it very much! We also met characters from the past and asked them different question. What was the last museum you visited?Did you enjoy it? With love, Mary. написать ей письмо, ответить на вопросы. задать 3 вопроса в обратку. 100-120 слов)


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Dear Mary,

Thankyou for your letter. I'm really glad you enjoyed your trip to the museum. I bet you really did have fun since it sounds like a very interesting place to visit.

It's been a long time ago that I visited any museums. I rarely go out to such places but it'd be really nice to actually go somewhere once in a while. For example, I really want to visit the famous museum of modern art in Moscow. I've heard nice feedback about it from many of my friends. It honestly sounds like a fantastic place!

Well, i'm afraid i've got to go now because I promised my mum to help her with cleaning the dishes. Oh and I also have some homework to do!

Write soon!