Заполните диалог

X: Hello! I'd like to speak to.........

You: Speaking.

X: It's ........ here. I have a letter and a little present for you from your friend Nick. Can we meet this afternoon? You know, I'm leaving for London tonight.
You: ...

Х•Let's meet at the Post Office at 3 o'clock. Is it OK with you?

You: ...

X: What are you like?

You: ... And what are you like?

X: ... You: Very well. See you at 3 o'clock near the Post Office.


Ответы и объяснения

1) любое имя
2) твое имя
3)where and when can we meet?
5)i'd like you to come in time because I need to help my mom
6) I'll come in time and I like to know you won't be late
Ну вообще всё, хотя я не уверена по поводу пятого и шестого номера