Помогите мне рассказать об изветсном путешественнике,на английском) срочно надо,спасибо


Ответы и объяснения


Athanasius Nikitin (died, probably in 1474, near Smolensk) - Russian traveler, writer, Tver merchant, author of the famous travel records, known as the "Hozhenie three seas" Born into a peasant family Nikita (thus, "Nikitin" - middle Athanasius, and not the name.) Traveled to 1468-1474 (dating LS Semenov [1] earlier by Sreznevskii dated 1466-1472 years) in Persia, India and Turkey, was a description of the journey in the book "Hozhenie three seas". It was the first in Russian literature is not a description of pilgrimage, a commercial trip, full of observations about the political system, economy, and culture of other countries