очень нужно сочинение 10 предложений на тему "reading books" с фразами*I believe that nearly all Iknow I learned from books* *reading is a special world full of adventures and joy* плиззз очень нужно срочно


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Nowadays the high level of technology replace books from our life. A lot of people prefer to use computers and mobile phones against books. But we forget that books contains the most important information for us. Fairy tales learns us to be friendly. Its the most funny books I've ever read. Encyclopedias gives us a lot of information about the world, nature, solar system and so on. It will be very usefull for our development. I believe that nearly all I know I learned from books. If you read books, you will be intelligent and well-read.  As for me reading is a special world full of adventures and joy.