Задайте вопросы к выделенным словам (выделенные слова написаны большими буквами) :
1. MY SISTER always lays the table lunch.( Who .....?)
2. I want some more COFFEE.( What ....?)
3. We usually have breakfast IN THE KITCHEN. ( Where .....?)
4. My friend is FROM GERMANY.( Where...from?)
5. It often rains here IN AUTUMN.( When...?)
6. His pockets are full OF SWEETS.( what...?)
7. We come back from school AT 2 O'CLOCK.( When...?)
7. We come back from


Ответы и объяснения

  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

1.( Who always lays on the table ?)
2. ( What do you want more?)
3.  ( Where do you usually have breakfast?)
4.( Where is your friend from?)
5. ( When does it often rain here?)
6. ( what are his pockets full?)
7.( When does he come back from


1. Who always lays the table lunch?

2. What do  I want? / What do  you  want?
3. Where do we usually have breakfast?
4. Where is my friend from?

5. When does it often rain here?
6. What are his pockets  full of?
7. When do we come back from school?