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I live in a new nine-storey apartment building on Pushkin Street. Our apartment is on the fourth floor. It has all the modern conveniences: central heating, gas, electricity, hot and cold water lift and gutters and telephone. There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a room in our apartment.
The living room is the largest and most comfortable room in the apartment. In the middle of the room, we have a coffee table. There is a color TV in the corner. There is a thick carpet on the floor and good curtains on the window. All this makes the room cozy.
The bedroom is smaller than the living room. In this room there are two beds, two bedside tables in between. Alarm clock and a flashlight on the table. In this room, there is built-in wardrobe with hangers to hang clothes-on. There is a thick carpet on the floor and just light brown curtains on the window.
The third room of my research. It's not big, but very cozy. There is not much furniture, only the bare necessities. There is a desk and a chair in front of him. In the right corner there is a bookcase full of books, magazines and newspapers. A small table with a radio is in the left corner. Near it is a sofa with pillows. In my opinion, research is the best room in our apartment.
But the warmest place in our apartment is the kitchen. I think the place where the whole family gathers every evening not only to dine together, but also to talk and relax. Our kitchen is quite large. There is a gas stove, a case where we store our plates, cups, glasses, I like the English proverb. "My home is my castle," because my apartment is, indeed, my fortress.


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In which street do you live?
What is there in your apartment?
What is the largest room?
How many beds are there in your apartment?
How many rooms are there in your apartment?what proverb about english homes do you know?