Through chemical union, divrse sudars and starches are elaborated and become the major reserve food in atorage ordans, fruits and sap of plants. In most plants the sugars occbr as a mixture that cannot be readily separated into the compnents. In the sap of some plants the sudar mixtures are condensed into syrup. The juices of sugar cane and sugar beet are unusually rich in pure sucrose. These two sugar crops serve as the sources of commercial sucrose. Othe sudar crops are sweet sorghum, sugar maple, sugar paim, honey and com sudar. Sugar maple. Colonists learned from the American Indians the art of making sudar and syrup from the sap of certain maple trees of the Great LaKes and St. Lawrence River region. The techniques, once used only for maple sugaring at home,have been for many years the basis of commercial production of sugar and syrup. The trees are tapped for sap in early spring before the buds open. 14:51 A Iarge tree may be tapped each spring for many years. Trees vary greatIy in yield of sap and sugar. The sugar in maple is almost 100% sucrose. Sugar palm. Palm sugar is obtained from the sap of several species of palm in tropical regions of the world. In eastem Asia and Malaysia, where the major source of sap. The sap is collected from the stalk of the male flower rather than by tapping the trunk of the palm, as practiced with the maple tree.

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