books my life напишите сочинение н эту тему пожалуйста но не из инета!!!


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Books - my best friend from childhood. When I was little, I loved to read fairy tales and adventures. My favorite fairy tale book was Vitali Bianchi "Mouse Peak." It tells the story of a little mouse, which at all times were different adventures. This book taught me how to be brave, bold, resourceful. When I read about a little mouse Pique, I felt that we were always together with him. I am very worried for a mouse when he gets into trouble. I still often think of this book and his favorite hero. I try to be as kind and intelligent. Now I do not admit such mistakes, which he admitted. Books - it's not just friends who taught me life. Yuri Druzhkova book "The Adventures of Pencil" taught me to be always cheerful and upbeat. I love jokes, smiles and laughter. In that this book helped me a lot. Now I read more than a serious book: about space, animals, fantasy, adventure. But most of all I like books that give me knowledge, learn something.