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1. He goes away from the kitchen.
2. She goes up to the desk because the teacher asked her to.
3. Masha goes to her mother in the park.
4. Ivan goes to an university in England.
5.  She goes to her girlfriends at 6 in the evening.
6. My grandmother goes to a fitness flub.
7. My brother happily goes to a science fair.
8. Here she goes!
9. The girl goes crazy.
10. My mother goes to the park in the middle of the town.

1. My sister does all the make-up for me.
2. My brother does some important things.
3. My friend does his homework.
4. Does your friend really live in Moscow?
5. Why does America rank such high positions in the world?
6. China does make cheap clothing.
7. Africa does some programs on making the life better there.
8. Masha does love her parents.
9. Alex does like his new bike.
10. My grandfather does the cleaning.
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