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1)Of course? i'm good eater
2)Yes, i have good appetite after going for a walk
3)My mother cooks for me
4)Yes,I can
 5)I can do many dishes like  eggs with poach potates, fish with vegetables, and so on
6)My favourite dish is chokolate cake with berries
7)I eat with great pleasure all sweet things like cakes, sweets and others
8)My mother usually teaches me how to cook
9)Yes, I like cooking
10)I made my first dish at the age of 9
11)Not often, because i'm only a student at this kind
12)Of course,I can. Every person can make something new


1. Yes, I am. I am a good eater.

2. Yes, I do. I have a good appetite.

3. Usually my mother cooks for me.

4. Yes, I can. I can cook myself.

5. I can cook an omlet and salad.

6. My favorite dishes are chicken soup, french fries and apple pie.

7. I eat cake with a cream with a gteat pleasure.

8. Usually my grandmother teaches me cooking.

9. No, I am not. I am not fond of cooking.

10. I made my first dish at the age of 6. It was a salad.