Writing.Imagine you spent 3 weeks at your English penfriend is house.Write a letter to the family thanking them for their hospitality.100 words:)


Para 1:reason (s) for writing

Para 2:express gratitude for room/excellent food/sightseeing/hospitality/etc

Para 3:explain how your English has improved

Para 4:thank again,invite family to visit you.

Пожалуйста.очень надо!!!:)


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Dear Mr and Mrs Browns,

I'm writing to you this letter because I want to thank you for that that fantactic holidays I've had. Thanks for giving me the room, which was very big and neat and the view from the window was great. Mrs Brown, you are magnificent cooker. The food was delicious. Thanks for the excursions you organised for me because I honestly learned many new interesring things about London. I liked the Buckinghem Palace the most. I was deeply impressed by your hospitality. During this week I improved my English. Because of Tina I'm not afraid of speaking English with people and for me it is a great forward. I thank you kindly for the amazing time I've spent in your friendly family. Now, it is my turn to invite you to my house. I invite you to visit Moscow and I hopefully, you will spend time learning many interesting things about Russian capital.

Sincerely yours, 

(your name)