PRESENT SIMPLE AND PRESENT CONTINUOUS Put the verbs in the brackets into the right forms of the Present Continuous or the Present Simple Tenses:
1) He ... (to work) in the centre of Chicago. He ... (to be) at the office now and ... (to do) his job.
2) They ... (to read) a lot of books. They ... (to like) it. So now they ... (to be) in the library and they ... (to read) a new interesting book.
3) His father... (not to watch) TV at the moment. He... (to sleep) because he ... (to be) tired.
4) I... (not to drink) coffee in the evening. I... (to drink) coffee in the morning.
5) The baby always ... (to sleep) after dinner.
6) When you usually ... (to come) home from school? -I... (to come) at three o'clock.
7) Eric ... (to talk) about his holiday plans but Kenny ... (not to listen) to him.
8) Henry usually ... (to wear) glasses and now he ... (to wear) sunglasses.
9) Where your cousin ... (to work)? - He ... (to work) at a hospital.
10) Look at the sky: the clouds ... (to move) slowly, the sun ... (to appear) from the clouds, it ... (to get) warmer.



Ответы и объяснения


1)works-is-is doing

2)read-like-are-are reading

3)is not watching-is sleeping-is tired

4)don't drink-drink


6)When do you usually come?-come

7)is talking-is not listening

8)wears-is wearing

9)Where does your cousin work?-works

10)are moving-is appearing-is getting