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The modern meaning of the concept of ecology has a wider meaning than in the early decades of the development of this science. Currently, most often under the mistaken environmental issues are understood, above all, the protection of the environment. In many ways, this shift is due to sense more tangible consequences of human impact on the environment, but you must separate the concept of ecological («relating to the science of ecology") and environmental («relating to the environment"). Everyone's attention to the environment has led to an extension of the original quite clearly defined by Ernst Haeckel knowledge (only biological) to other natural sciences and even the humanities.The classical definition of ecology: the science that studies the relationship between living and inanimate nature.The second definition is given at the 5th International Ecological Congress (1990) to counter the erosion of the concept of ecology, observed at present. However, this definition excludes from the jurisdiction of ecology as a science autekologiyu (see below) that is fundamentally wrong.Here are some possible definitions of science "ecology"Ecology - the knowledge economy of nature, a simultaneous study of the relationship of the living with the organic and inorganic components of the environment ... In a word, the environment - is the study of all the complex interactions in nature, considered by Darwin as the conditions of the struggle for existence.Ecology - biological science that studies the structure and functioning of the systems overorganism levels (populations, communities, ecosystems) in space and time, in the natural and human change conditions.Ecology - environmental science and the processes occurring in it.