Помогите составить предложения со словами

internet provider, password, log on/log off, virus, hacker, internet link, spam, browse, download, online/offline, website, surf/surfer, world wide web, homepage, hypertext ,attachment ,text file/sound file/image file, e-mail address/e-mail message ,access the internet


Ответы и объяснения

1)If Internet provider goes wrong, try to get offline an then log on ( press your password ) again
2) viruses often cause spam and make website problems
3) You can access Internet whenever you want if you have wi-fi connection
4) You can download your favorite song, be on your homepage, log on your email address and send email messages and be on the World Wide Web at the same time — and every year modern technologies and abilities become wider and wider .

Вроде все слова употребила, просто мало предложений ) думаю, норм?!