10 правил моей комнаты(на английском).Не входить без стука и т.п.


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without knocking don't come
do not disturb until the morning
do not disturb
do not enter
don't make a noisе






без стука не входить

не беспокоить до утра
не беспокоить
не входить
не шуметь

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1) That's my own room, so do NOT enter without knokcing(I love my heart; don't surprise me with unnecesery, unpleasent and unwanted surprise)

2)Close the door when you come out

3)Do not enter my room until 10:00 at the weekend. Even if I don't show any sighns of life.

4)Do not disturb me while I'm doing my homework. I AM CONCENTRATED!

5)Do not close my window because I need fresh air.

6)Do not come in my room in your dirty shoes.(Otherwise you clean the floor after)

7)Do not touch anything (remember that a messiness is a sighn of genius and tidying up can impact negatively on my mental development)

8)Do not slam the door when you leave(that's also can have a negative impact on me)

9)Strangers and aliens are not allowed

10) Please, always remember: My room=MY MUSIC (everyone should listen to the nice songs even if they don't want to)