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To my mind, what we are is what we eat, that's why I try to keep a simple but healthy diet. Though my favourite food is chips and burgers, I try not to eat them too often. As for drinks - usually it is water with lime hiuce or green tea. I don't like vegetables much, but at the same time I realize, that a man to be in a good fit, needs vegetables and I try to eat them each day. Speaking about other beverages, I should mention, that I don't like coffee and soft drinks.
   For me, each day begins with a glass of water or fresh orange juice. Sometimes I eat eggs with ham and a toast with butter and jam. I also like cookies. I try to drink before eating my meal as many doctors suggest it to be more healthier. During a day I can have apples or bananas before dinner, that normally cosists of soup and the second dish of meat with vegetables. Also I drink pure water during the day - it refreshes me. Supper is usually light for me - it can be non-fat fish or cottage cheese with sour-cream.
I don't have a strict diet but I feel that what I eat and how I do it makes me feel comfortable during a day and that's the main thing to mention here.