Part 1. Choose the correct item. 1. ... old furniture in the house.

a) Tere is b) There are c) It is

2. I usually visit my friends three times ... month.

a) a b) the c) -

3. ... answer the question.

a) He is b) He must c) He'd like

4. There is nothing funny in the text, ...?

a) is it b) is there c) ins't there

5. Read the text on ... page ten.

a) a b) the c) -

6. You must learn ... poem.

a) two b) second c) the second

7. - Who took the money?

- I don't know. I didn't see ... .

a) it b) them c) they

8. Nobody ... this food.

a) eat b) eats c)doesn't eat

9. What ... in the bottle?

a) there is b) is it c) is there

10. I didn't see ... interesting.

a) something b) anything c) nothing

Part 2. Correct the mistakes.

1. Who did close the window?

2. They have bought this book three months ago.

3. The money is on the table, you can take them.

4. Have you translate the text?

5. When have you written the dictation?

6. What have you done yesterday?

7. Million of people collect stamps.

8. There will a museum in this street next year.

9. Have you invited much people to the Nwe Year party?

10. I am sure the film will interesting.


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1. a2. a3. b4. b5. c6. c7. a8. b9. c10. b
Part2Who closed the window?They bought this book three months ago.The money is on the table, you can take it.Have you translated the text?When did you write the dictation?What did you do yeaterday?Millions of people collect stamps.There will be a museum in this street next year.Have you invited many people to the New year party?I am sure the film will be interesting