помогите написать ответ на письмо
read a part from Jack Freeman's letter to you. Jack freeman is your pen-friend from Sydney. In your letter.
1.Tell him about your school and your problems
2. ask him three questions about his hobbies(ответить на вопросы, написать о школе, своих проблемах и задать 3 вопроса про его хобби)
(его письмо) It was interesting to read about your school and friends, especially about your holidays. It is so unusual to have the summer holidays in July and August. In Australia they last from December to February, when the weather is hot. Coming back to your school and school life. When does school start and finish? Do you wear a uniform? How much homework do you get? What exams do you have? After school i often go straight to the beach to surf. I love it. Sometimes i read books and watch movies.


Ответы и объяснения


Dear Jack!
Hello! I was very happy to get your letter. Sorry, I have not written for so long because I have been busy at school preparing for me exams. How are you keeping?
In your letter you ask me about my school. Well, my shcool start in september and finished in may. Usually I dress a special uniform in my school, like white blouse and black skirt, it looks so nice! Every day I have a lot of homework because I will take exams on Russian, Math and History this year.

By the way, how long have you been keen on surfing? Is it dangerous? And what season is good for surfing?

I am waiting for your answer.
Best wishes.