Написать маленький рассказ на любую тему, используя прилагательные:) Плз:)) Идей прсто нет:)


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i got up very early and went to my favorite school... I love my school very much, but i do not like to learn some subject such as mathematik and chemistry... But english is my favorite subject.... My  teacher is very beautiful and clever teacher. And i like our pause(перемена скорее всего) in the school. It is very funny time in the school. And of course i like to get knowledge. My school is my the biggest second home. My form-master help and understand me as such as mother. She is very careful woman. Ilike my beautiful and big school. I think that my schools is the best school of over the world. I like my school very much and want to get knowledge in it!



Вот так как-то)