СРОЧНО, СРОЧНО, ПОМОГИТЕ, ещё пункты добавлю потом. Посмотрите на картинку. Составьте диалоги : между учителем и девочкой и диалог между учителем и мальчиком. Исопльзуйте слова : not to becoming, it`s boring, be in (out) fashion, to feel happy/comfortable to prefer, to have self-confidence, in my opnion, as for me, I believe, I have a diffferent opinion, I don`t care.


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Boy(B): Hello.
Teacher(T): Good morning, Mike. Where are you wearing all this at school?
B: But it's boring to be like all others. I want to follow the trend and not to be out of fashion. Moreover, I have enough self-confidence to wear such clothers.
T: And I believe, that you should not go to school like this. Besides, this jeans are not becoming you.

T:Good morning, Jane.
Girl(G):Good morning, Teacher.
T:But why are wearing all these clothers?! In my opinion, it's not good to stay at school like this.
G: I feel comfortable and happy in this wonderful dress. I try to be in fashion because I am young. In my opinion, we should always try to be in the trend. And I dont care what grown-ups say.