написать сочинение об достопримечательности,должно состоять из названия , расположение,когда построено,для чего используется.СРОЧНО!


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Andrew's descent - the second most popular street in Kiev after the Downtown. Andrew's descent leads from the street to the Vladimir Tithe and Kontraktova Square, which is located in Podol. The upper section of the street still existed at the time of Kievan Rus', he combined the Old Kiev and Hem, and ran between St. Andrew's and the castle hill, but it could move only pedestrians and riders. Street got its name in honor of St. Andrew. In the Chronicle of Nestor says that after lengthy attempts to spread Christianity in the Scythian lands, about two thousand years ago, the Apostle Andrew blessed slopes of the Dnieper and predicted the appearance of a great Christian city. At the spot where once stood Andrew, later built a church named after him.
In the early 18th century on the orders of the governor of Kiev, travel expanded, and now here could pass even loaded carts pulled by oxen.
After the October Revolution, according to the trends of that time, in 1920, changed the name of St. Andrew's descent on the street. GV Liver, but in 1944 returned to the historical name of the street.
St. Andrew's Descent - a street-museum. At every step, you can see something interesting on the street reigns bohemian atmosphere of the late 19th - early 20th century. Some of the most famous sights of Kiev, located on Andrew Descent is Andrew's Church, built on the orders of Catherine II, the author of the project of which was Rastrelli. So gracious empress had Kiev in gratitude for the fact that Ukrainian land gave her Olexa Rozum, who later became Count Razumovsky. If you go down to the church a little lower, you can get to the park, of which there are sculptures of Ivan Kavaleridze. Not far from the church is a monument to the heroes of the original plays Michael Staritsky Prone Prokopovna and Svirid Golokhvastov. It also houses one of the most mysterious and enigmatic buildings in Kiev - Richard Castle.