Помогите пожалйста написать сочинение по английскому языку "For and against modern technology" Или хотя бы просто перечислите 3 плюса и 3 минуса. Заранее спасибо!


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 My last day off. Yesterday it was Sunday, that’s why my last day off was not long ago and I remember it quite well. I always try to do my best to make my holidays really exciting, because we have only few days in a week for relaxation and rest. Yesterday my friends and I agreed to meet at my place. First we watched a very interesting TV show «What? Where? When?». Then we went took a videocassette and watched an outstanding movie «The Independence Day». This is a story about strangers from the other planets that were trying to conquer the whole Earth and about the struggle against them. The movie is full of visual effects and computer graphics that takes your breath and makes you admire the modern technologies in the cinema. I wish our studios and directors made such movies. «The Independence Day» can be added to the genius pieces of modern art – that is my opinion. Having watched the film, we decided that it was a time to go outside. The first place we went to was the sports ground. Though it was.

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1. We can find lots of information in the net
2. We can talk with people, which live too far from us / find new friends from other countries / practice our language skills (на твое усмотрение смысл в принципе не очень различается)
3. We don't need to spent money buying books, movies and music (хотя последнее уже незаконно XD )
Вывод: with modern technologies we can do something we couldn't do in the past.
1. It's bad for our health
2. Sometimes people depend on it
3. Anyway it takes a lot of time.
Вывод: it made our health worth than had pervious generation.