Напишите на английском краткий пересказ этого текста,своими словами:) Буду очень благодарна! English people have played football for a very long time. However, the game didn't have any real rules until the 19th century. In 1815, Eton College created rules to make the game less violent and later, in 1848, Cambridge University made many of the modern rules. Football quickly became as popular as other games such as cricket. Today, there are thousands of football clubs in England, and professional clubs, such as Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United are famous all over the world. Football has become part of the cultural life in England and hundreds of thousands of fans support their favourite teams is stadiums around the country every weekend. Many English children have football lessons at school and famous footballers, such as David Beckham and Michael Owen have become role models for a lot of these children.


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Football is an ancient sport. While rules have appeared not so long ago, but many of them have tried to invent, such as colleges and universities. In 1848, after some changes in the rules of football became more and more popular. At the moment there are so many different football clubs across the land including England. Football in England was one of the main game, and many children attend  football schools .  David Beckham and Michael Owen became idols of many children