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Do you help our planet? Do you atleast recycle? I hate to say it but, Global warming is taking over. We need to take a stand. I'm not trying to act like a peace queen or anything, it's just, I want my great grandchildren to see this wonderful planet. Wouldn't you like yours to do the same? Additional Details To all the people giving negative answers: There is no need for all the negativity. Even if we are "doomed" we can still try. Can't we? It's not too hard to help out just a little bit. But, write whatever you feel. It's your decision, not mine. I am like the most eco-friendly person ever! I recycle like crazy and I even have a recycled hemp lunch bag for school. I feel the same way as you in that the world needs to stay beautiful. Even the smallest things can make a difference, like using a zip lock baggie more than once before throwing it out. It takes so much oil to make plastic. Just make some small adjustments to save certain materials. If everyone does their share, we can stop global warming....Hope I helped..!!..