Помогите пожалуйста написать письмо другу по англ языку на тему " Канада " Объём 140 слов максимум


Ответы и объяснения


Canada is a country in North America, takes the second place in the world by area, after Russia. It is washed by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, bordered by the United States in the South and in the North-West, with Denmark (Greenland) in the North-East and France (St. Pierre and Miquelon) in the East. The border of Canada with the United States is the longest common border in the world.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy (Kingdom of) the parliamentary system, which is a bilingual and multicultural country, where the English and French languages are recognized as official at the Federal level. Technologically advanced and industrialized developed country, Canada has a diversified economy, based on the rich natural resources and trade (in particular with the United States, with which Canada comprehensively cooperates with the times of existence of the colonies and the Foundation of the Confederation).

Founded a French researcher, a native of Saint-Malo (where he was buried) Jacques Cartier in 1534, Canada originates from the French colony on the site of the modern city of Quebec, the village initially local peoples. After a period of British colonization of the Union of three British colonies (which was in the territories of New France) was born on the canadian Confederation. Canada gained independence from the United Kingdom as a result of the peace process from 1867 to 1982.

At present, Canada is a Federal state, consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Province with a predominantly French-speaking population - Quebec, the others - mainly English-speaking province, also called «the English Canada» in comparison with the French-speaking Quebec. Being one of the nine predominantly English-speaking provinces, new Brunswick is the only officially bilingual canadian province. Yukon territory officially двуязычна (English and French), and the Northwest territories and Nunavut recognize 11 and 4 official languages respectively (among which there are also English and French).