Задание: напишите 5 предложений употребив must и 5 предложений употребив mustn't

Например, I must go to the gym / I mustn't watch tv


Ответы и объяснения

She must do her homework.
They must visit their grandmother.
I must help my Mum.
We must cook a cake.
He must bye a car.
I mustn't go to walk with my dog.
They mustn't eat meat.
She mustn't live without their parents.
John mustn't sleep so late.
I mustn't stay at home one.
You must wash your hands before lunch.  You mustn't listen to your parents.   You must break the windows at school. You must take a shower every day.   You mustn't eat fruit and vegetables every day.   You must eat lots of sweets if you want to lose some weight. You must feed your dog every day.