Выразите общие вопросы косвенной речью. 1. I said: "Did you become a manager five years ago? 2. He asked me: "Does your sister study at school?" 3. She said: "Is he working on his report?" 4. Jack said: "Did you meet anybody at the party?" 5. Kate said to him: "Do you like modern art?" 6. Pat said to Nick: "Are you busy?" 7. Jane asked me: "Have you already found the keys?" 8. My friend said: "Have you already chosen a book to read?" 9. They asked us: "Are you tired?" 10. We asked: "Will you come to see us on Friday?" 11. Peter said: "Have they been waiting for hours?" 12. Mary asked me: "Have you known him since childhood?" 13. Mark said to Kate: "Do you prefer coffee to tea? 14. I asked my brother: "Can you help me? 15. She asked her: "Has he already received a letter?" 16. Jane said to me: "Do you agree with his decision?" 17. I asked her: "Can you give me a new cassette?"


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1. I asked if he had become manager five years ago.

2. He asked me if my sister worked at school.

3. she asked if he was working on his report.

4. Jack asked if I had met somebody  at the party.

5. Kate asked him if he liked modern art.

6. Pet asked Nick if he was busy.

7. Jane asked me if I had already found the keys.

8. my friend asked  if i had already chosen a book to read.

9. they asked us if we were tired.

10. we asked if they would come to see us on Friday.

11. Peter asked if they had been waiting for hours.

12. Mary asked me if I had known him since childhood.

13. Mary asked Kate if she prefered coffee or tea.

14. i asked my brother if he could help me.

15. she asked her if he had already received a letter.

16. Jane asked me if I agreed with his decision.

17. i asked her if she could give me a new cassette.