Составить и записать 7 предложений со словами: table,bath,cooker,bathroom,carpet,shower,bad,lamp,television set,ashtray,armchair,plant,carpet,bookcase,magazines.

И 4 предложения с глаголами:to darn,to bake,to dast, to tidy up, to polish, to do the ironing, to decorate, to do the wasging up,to sweep,to vacuum, to make the beds, to clean the windows:


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1/In my room table is standing near my bad (on a carpet)

2/ my father wants to buy a new armchair

3/have you seen my magazines?

4/ gp to bathroom have a shower 

5/ i don't think we need a new cooker

6/ television set is not cheep in our days

7/has somebody borrowed my bookcase


Все глаголы???? 


1/please  do the washing up,make the beds and clean the windows when your mother will be out

2/ i want to help my mom so i will tidy up and do the ironing and my brother will do vacuuming

3/ Decorate this bottles and go home

4/ i  have just darned your t-shirt please be carefull