проект маслиница по англ нужно рассказать про маслиницу на англ!"!!!помогите плиз!!!


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Shrove Tuesday - is one of the most exciting, fun, noisy and unforgettable
holidays of the year. Usually, children are involved in Shrovetide festivities, entertainment,
but few of them can explain the meaning. In child development,
expand his horizons, parents can tell a lot of interesting things about the carnival.
First, note that the carnival - a festival that is celebrated
our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, that is, he appeared long ago. In Maslenitsa accompanied
winter and spring were met. Watch with your child and the nature of the changes
find signs that would indicate the approach of spring: the earlier rises
sun, which slowly begins to warm, the birds began to chirp.
Second, bake pancakes with the child, focusing on what is important
refreshments at Shrovetide. Ask what it's like a pancake. Perhaps the kid himself guess that
pancake represents the sun. If it will be difficult to answer this question, help
leading questions. Try the pancakes with sour cream and jam, and with condensed milk.
"Man is not a wedge, not split belly" - they say. By the way, not bad at odd
acquaint baby with Pancake proverbs, sayings and songs.