Составить 5 предложений из данных слов.

1. hand, got, a, have, I, nice, my, in, lift, boll.

2. sing,a,bird, song, tree, in, the, nice, can.

3.ice,c cream, bag, take, an, my, out, of, open, fnd it.

4.ill, bed, when, am, in, I,I, am.

5.parents, very, are, my, kind.

ПЛИЗЗ ну очень надо


Ответы и объяснения


1. I have got a nice ball in my left hand
2. A bird in the tree can sing a nice song
3. Open my bag and take an icecream out of it.
4. When I am ill I am in bed.
5. My parents are very kind.

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