A smart little Bird flew to a house in the country because she wanted to have breakfast. She ran from one room to another and suddenly she saw a big grey Cat. The Cat jumped and caught the Bird. "Now I can have a nice breakfast," the Cat said.

"You can't have breakfast now," said the Bird. "You must wash first. The farmer and his family always wash their hands before breakfast. You live in their house and you must do what they do."

"All right," the Cat said. "I live with the farmer's family and in their house, and I must do what they do."

And the Cat opened his mouth and began to wash. But when he was clean and wanted to begin his breakfast, he did not find the bird. The smart little Bird flew away. She was in the garden in a tall tree. She was happy and began to sing.

"Now I see," the cat said." I must wash, but I must wash after dinner." And now all cats wash after dinner.

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Why did the grey Cat say, "I must wash after dinner?"


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The grey cat said  that he had to wash after dinner, because when he was doing it before the dinner, the bird could escape  and he was left with no food to eat.