Подставить цвета в предложения

1) red;

2) orange;

3) purple;

4) white;

5) brown;

6) blue;

7) pink;

8) yellow;

9) raspberry;

10) green;

11) black;

12) grey.

34. He didn’t even see the driver who hit me. He appeared out of the ….

35. When my girlfriend found out that I was seeing someone else, she gave me a … eye.

36. I don’t know how to answer that question because it’s a … area.

37. I was sick for a week, but I’m finally in the ….

38. John was … with envy when he saw my new car.

39. There was so much … tape I had to go through in order to get a new passport.

40. I didn’t want to go to Tom’s party, so I told him a … lie. I said that I wasn’t feeling well.


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